Good Luck: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Work

When you see rivers died green, green colored waterfalls in outdoor fountains, leprechauns, delicious green treats, green tinted nonalcoholic punch, green, green, and more green; you know what that means. St. Paddy’s Day, a festive day full of fun, parades, adult beverages, delicious food, and lots of entertainment, is just around the corner. Many people… Read More Good Luck: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Work

Employment Discrimination

“While I was eating breakfast with my son at Big Boy on Washtenaw, I noticed a young black man come into the restaurant and politely inquire as to whether they were hiring. He was told, rudely, that they weren’t. Curious, when I paid my bill, I asked if they were hiring. I was, very politely, told they were, and asked to wait, while he went into the back to retrieve an application.” … Read More Employment Discrimination