Birthday Musings


Rappin TwinzMy Foundation

When I was born in 19X5

I was a little bitty baby with too much pride


I had a sister, her name was Gwen

Everybody called us, the Rappin’ Twins


All I could do was rock in my cradle

When I got older, I used the turntable


Every since then we rocked the mic

What are we double stuff, too hype


About the age of seven, I rap at school

All my friends thought I was cool


I threw a hat down on the floor

We wre raising money like never before


They were given me nickels, dollars and dimes

Then a MC tried to bite my rhyme


So, I grabbed my hat and my money

Then I went home laughing to my momma


She said, “Lin and Gwen what’s so funny…

Where in the world did you get that money?” 

Well listen mom, there’s no explanation

Check it out, it’s My Foundation…



I love music: listening to it, writing songs, making beats, performing, you name it!

My twin sister (Linda) and I start singing in church many years ago. Then when rap hit the scenes, it was a Gwen and Lin the Rappin Twinz. We often joked backed then about how our beautiful singing voices were ruined from all the rapping.

Linda is a lyrical genius. She was actually the first to start writing rhymes and rapping at school on the playground. I joined in later after learning how to beat box. She needed someone to give her a beat you know.

I used to mimic Doug E. Fresh until I learned to create my own beats. Eventually, I became a beat slayer or shall I say beatboxer turned rapper and beat maker. Yeah, I still mess around a little bit. I can beatbox with the best of them.

On days like today – our birthday – I reflect on the simple joys in life and all the sweet things that I miss so much.

Some dreams come and some dreams go. However, rap is in my heart and soul. It never goes away!

I still enjoy listening to our music as well as rap and hip-hop music. It brings back so many good memories.

I am blessed to have such a talented twin sister. She wrote My Foundation years ago when we were just youngsters trying to figure out what life’s all about. It so funny how I can remember most of the words.

She is my Day One, ride or die, sister friend. We have been through so much together. I will always love you. Happy Birthday, Linda!




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