Ways to Celebrate Black History

Black History Month does not end! Celebrate all year long by honoring the achievements of African Americans, learning about Black history, and welcoming opportunities to better understand Black culture. After all, Black history is American history!

Please support African American blogs, authors, writers, and contributors too. Here are five HR professionals to help get you started.


1).   Sarah Morgan, SPHR (thebuzzonhr.com)

Sarah Morgan is the Director of Human Resources for a home security systems company. Sarah introduced the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge for February 2017 to addresses many thought provoking topics surrounding race. She encourages everyone to join the challenge.

One of my favorite posts: Day 13 – “Crabs in a Barrel”

#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge 


2).  Justin Harris, PHR (ruHRelevant.com)

Justin Harris is an HR professional and Cigar Aficionado specializing in Employee Relations, Management Development and Organizational Behavior. Justin prides himself on being an UnlikelyHRGuy. He is also a contributor on PerformanceICreate.com.

One of my favorite posts: HR Through Rosy Colored Glasses



3).   Janine N. Truitt   (thearistocracyofhr.com)

Janine Truitt is Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, a business strategy and management consulting firm. Janine is an award winning blogger. Her career spans over nine years in HR and Recruitment.

One of my favorite posts: Keeping up with disruption: Why every trend isn’t for your business


4).  Christopher Fields, MLHR (resumecrusade.com)

Christopher is an Expert Resume Writer, HR Consultant, HR Content Writer and Curator of ResumeCrusade.com and CostofWork.com. I enjoy reading his articles on various blogs and websites, because Christopher keeps it real.

One of my favorite posts: Don’t Let YOUR President Get Your Butt Fired!


5).  Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon (aquariushrconsulting.com)

Nicole Antonio-Gadsdon is a Creative HR specialist and founder of Aquarius Human Resources Consulting Ltd. Nicole also speaks about the practical value of Creative HR, HR rule breaking and why putting the ‘human’ before the ‘resource’ is not only the right thing to do; but business critical too.

One of my favorite posts: Are You Charging What Your Services Are Actually Worth?


Ways to Celebrate Black History


Ways to Celebrate Black History

“African American history is a vital part of American heritage. We must recognize and honor it fully to continue the quest for equality for all,” said Marjorie Derven, founder of HUDSON Research & Consulting.

In agreement with Derven, talent leaders can honor Black History Month by:

  • Providing links to materials on the company’s intranet that promote Black History Month awareness
  • Reaching out to HR business partners with easy-to-use toolkits/ discussion guides and fact sheets that can be shared within different business units
  • Considering an interactive event in February that all employees will be encouraged to attend
  • Partnering with your organization’s Employee Resource Groups to identify meaningful ways to celebrate
  • Publicizing metrics that demonstrate the organization’s progress in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Using Black History Month as a trigger to reinforce the organization’s overall commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


After doing a little research to see what others are doing, what I found was remarkable. If you have other ideas, feel free to share below.

How are you celebrating black history month? How does your organization celebrate black history month?




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