Employment Discrimination

“While I was eating breakfast with my son at Big Boy on Washtenaw, I noticed a young black man come into the restaurant and politely inquire as to whether they were hiring. He was told, rudely, that they weren’t. Curious, when I paid my bill, I asked if they were hiring. I was, very politely, told they were, and asked to wait, while he went into the back to retrieve an application.” … Read More Employment Discrimination

Dos and Don’ts of Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

Can you feel it? Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, cupid is destined to make an appearance at the office. Workplace romances are almost inevitable nowadays. You are in denial, if you really think people do not have love interests on the job or become secret lovers at work. Though some… Read More Dos and Don’ts of Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

A Lesson from Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures, a true story about African-American women who provided NASA with important mathematical data need to launch its first successful space mission, should not only spark conversations about diversity and gender, but also make companies reconsider any ridiculous workplace policies that impede progress that’s critical to its success and or competitive edge. While there… Read More A Lesson from Hidden Figures