Cannot Unsee

This time of year most people are thinking about New Years’s Resolutions. You know the kind that improves your life in the new year like loosing weight, getting a job, quitting smoking, starting a blog, volunteering, helping make the world a better place and so on.

Although most people typically resolve to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life, someone actually tweeted New Year’s Resolutions that should have been kept private (even if it was a joke).

Apparently, Emily McCombs, editor @HuffPost, New Year’s Resolutions are to cultivate female friendships and band together to kill all men.

Wait a minute… Did she really say “kill all men”? Let’s double check the twitter pic to be certain.


Yep! That’s what it says. Well, I hope this was a mistake and not how she truly feels. Why kill all me? Did some man hurt her or something?!


I am sure she’s getting feedback from subscribers in more ways than one. Nonetheless, the damage is already done and readers know how she truly feels. When reading articles from @HuffPost (or by her), please be mindful of her sexist resolutions. I know I will.
Emily McCombs’s tweet may have been deleted, still you cannot unsee. We live in times where everything is recorded. Even when you delete tweets, posts, pics, etc.,  they live on in cyberspace. In this situation, as you can clearly see, a follower already captured a screenshot before she deleted it.

Nowadays, people joke too much online. And many workers have been axed for unacceptable behavior similar to Emily’s when their actions could have a negative impact on their employer. Seriously, from an employer’s standpoint how can one pretend as if they did not see it?

Let’s cut to the chase… Should Emily be fired for tweeting she wants to kill all men? Do you consider her actions a form of gender discrimination? I’d love to hear your thoughts….

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