Friday Funnies: Twitter Employee Called American Hero for Deactivating President Trump’s Twitter Account

A former Twitter employee decided he would go out with a bang on his last day of work. He took down President Trump’s twitter account for 11 minutes.


The @realDonaldTrump twitter page could not be reached for what seemed like a lifetime (to him). This was not an accident either. Some people are calling him an American hero just for taking it down.


Twitter says that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee and they are conducting a full internal review.

Apparently, the former twitter employee put much thought in how he wanted to exit. As a result, Twitter went berserk too! Now, the former Twitter employee is dubbed an American Hero. While this was not the right thing to do, it goes in the record books for funniest ways to quit your job.





Well, that’s this edition of Friday Funnies. I hope you enjoyed it!

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