Did Your College Make Forbes List of America’s Top Colleges?


GwendolynHR_1827Although the caps were tossed in the air months ago, you’re still undecided about where to go to college. Do I stay close to home, go to a prestigious college or university, or take a gap year?

Whatever the case, don’t fret. There is still enough time to choose a college. Besides, it’s never to late to go to college. Right?!

When choosing a college, there is so much to consider. However, considering local options as well as how those colleges and universities stack up is a good place to start. Perhaps, Forbes’ list of best colleges and universities can help you get on track.

Let’s take a look at the top colleges in America by state.


America’s Top Colleges in Every State

State College 2015 Top College Rank
Alabama Auburn University No. 218
Alaska University Of Alaska, Fairbanks No. 414
Arizona University of Arizona No. 200
Arkansas Hendrix College No. 137
California Pomona College No. 1
Colorado United States Air Force Academy No. 38
Connecticut Yale University No. 5
Delaware University of Delaware No. 142
D.C. Georgetown University No. 23
Florida University of Florida No. 83
Georgia Emory University No. 79
Hawaii University of Hawaii, Manoa No. 430
Idaho College of Idaho No. 195
Illinois Northwestern University No. 16
Indiana  University of Notre Dame No. 13
 Iowa  Grinnell College No. 65
Kansas University of Kansas No. 268
Kentucky Centre College No. 89
Louisiana Tulane University No. 134
Maine  Bowdoin College No. 21
Maryland United States Naval Academy No. 27
Massachusetts Williams College No. 2
Michigan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor No. 41
Minnesota Carleton College No. 30
Mississippi Millsaps College No. 274
Missouri Washington University in St. Louis No. 63
Montana Carroll College No. 307
Nebraska Creighton University No. 178
Nevada University of Nevada, Reno No. 437
New Hampshire Dartmouth College No. 14
New Jersey Princeton University No. 4
New Mexico Saint John’s College No. 302
New York United States Military Academy No. 11
North Carolina Duke University No. 22
North Dakota University of North Dakota No. 444
Ohio Oberlin College No. 46
Oklahoma University of Tulsa No. 173
Oregon Reed College No. 52
Pennsylvania Swarthmore College No. 7
Rhode Island Brown University No. 8
South Carolina Wofford College No. 97
South Dakota University of South Dakota No. 411
Tennessee Vanderbilt University No. 47
Texas Rice University No. 32
Utah Brigham Young University No. 104
Vermont Middlebury College No. 34
Virginia Washington and Lee University No. 29
Washington Whitman College No. 50
West Virginia West Virginia University No. 421
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin, Madison No. 69
 Wyoming  University of Wyoming No. 235


So… There you have it, the number one college in every state. Did your college make the Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges?

According to Forbes, Hendrix College is the best the college in Arkanas. It’s a pretty good school and I know several people that graduated from there including my baby sister.

Be proud of your college (choice), even if it’s not number one in your state or on the list. From where I sit, I “got” much love for my HBCUs (Historically Black College and Universities).  I’m a proud graduate of Philander Smith College (Little Rock, Arkansas).

To learn more about the 50 Top Best Value Colleges in 2016, just following the link.  I’d love to know where you plan to attend. What’s your alma mater? Hit me up in the comments below.



One thought on “Did Your College Make Forbes List of America’s Top Colleges?

  1. The best college is, “where YOU find it”.

    In any scenario, it is what YOU make of it, and not necessarily the University or College itself.

    Just look at some of the most successful people on the planet and the Colleges or Universities they attended if, they even attended at all.

    I applaud ALL who seek higher education be it, traditional college, self taught, internet wise, street wise, or otherwise.

    “The ‘MIND’ is what you perceive and believe. We all create from this space.” –Sherm Mason

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is NOT philosophy, this is Physics.”
    –Someone who did not go to any of the Forbes listed top Colleges or Universities or did he? — AKA
    — Albert Einstein

    What’s on Your MIND?


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