What’s for Lunch?


When it comes to food options at work, lunch can become bland and unadventurous.  Although many companies provide a break room stocked with free essentials such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, as well as a vending machines, wouldn’t an endless array of tasty food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday be wonderful?

Workers love it when employers provided not only free food, but also when they have affordable options for lunch as well as breakfast and dinner on site or nearby.

Have a Great Day!It gets pretty dull and boring after while bringing left overs and eating frozen boxed meals that look nothing like the picture on the box that taste like something from the culinary school of shame or worst cooks in America.

The days of the brown bag special are getting old too. Come on, do you really want to eat that peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat with those baked chips and banana? What about that dry cold cut sandwich?

Aren’t you tired of that meal replacement bar? How about that Starbucks bottled drink that you carry in your bag just to keep from feeding the vending machines and to avoid that “hideous” break room, which isn’t designed to help workers relax and take a load off?

Just thinking about brown bagging it and using the disgusting employee refrigerator gives me the heebie-jeebies. When was the last time, it was cleaned?! Huh?  Who ate my lunchmeat sandwhich? Anyway….

If you are a “blessed and highly favored” worker, your employer provides much more than just the typical break room (stocked with free water, cheap coffee, hot chocolate, and tea). You actually have a cafeteria and or restaurant.

Companies like Dropbox, Google, and Pixar not only provide the ultimate working lunch for  employees, they provide a superb employee experience. Providing an endless array of (free) yummy food is an extraordinary perk for workers. Besides, there’s this old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Nowadays, employers have found that food is the way to workers’ hearts. It actually increases productivity too.

Let’s take a look at a few awesome examples….

  • Dropbox has a cafeteria with different cuisines and deserts that are prepared by a pastry chef that worked for NYC’s Le Bernadin
  • Steve Jobs wanted Pixar’s dining area in the atrium to look like the MusĂ©e D’Orsay in Paris
  • At Google, employees have too good. Imagine looking at New York’s skyline while eating free breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Even Apple employees have spectacular options…. the Caffè Macs offers employees con au vin, oysters, sushi, gelato, steak, paella, and ramen burgers.
  • In North Carolina, SAS Institute Inc. provides an entrĂ©e station, salad bar, sandwich station, pizza station, as well as a cafè. How cool is that?!



You Got Options Too

Don’t fret because your company doesn’t offer free food every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are other ways to compete with the “big dogs.” For instance, employees are excited when delicious food is available on site, so consider asking your employer to try providing it even if it is occasional. Here are five options that employees will love.

  1. Host monthly free lunches: Try different catered theme lunches. For example, “A Taste of Italy (Italian foods), Taco Tuesdays or a Nacho Station (Mexican), fried Chicken and Waffles, Soul Food Wednesdays, Pizza Party, and so on. If cost is an issue, “ask” employees if they would like to place a group order, but keep the cost affordable for everyone.
  2. On site food truck: Food trucks are a vibrant part of the local economy. Check out these 20 Food Trucks In Arkansas That You Better Not Miss. Available options range from ribs, wings, burgers, hotdogs, and sweet treats to a delectable variety of cuisine.  Schedule them for a weekly visit. Employees will look forward to it.
  3. Fire up the grill quarterly: Treat workers to free burgers and hot dogs with potato salad, baked beans, chips and cookies. Be sure to include a few vegan burgers and hot dogs too. There are a number of companies that will cater or management could cook and serve the workers (if only for one day).
  4. Order box lunches for meetings: For under ten bucks per person, you can order a variety of delicious box lunches that will satisfy even the most finicky eater.  For example, both Apple Spice Junction and McAlister’s Deli have delicious vegetarian options. They will deliver too.
  5. Spice up the break room: Doing a few upgrades could not only increase employee satisfaction, but also productivity. First, a great break room needs comfortable chairs to sit and relax. If you don’t have them, get some. Your employees will thank you. Consider adding a full-service coffee shop with an espresso machine for Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. We love fresh coffee. Filtered water would also be a major plus for hydration. Providing fresh fruit, veggies, energy bars, nuts, and yogurt would be a great way to encourage health and wellness in your employees.


As you can see, there are several options to offer employees that will enhance the employee experience. Therefore, I must now ask, “What’s for lunch?” Shall it be a burger, lo mein, tacos, pizza, sushi, or a garden salad?

What's For Lunch?


I’d love to know what you’re eating at work as well as what your company offers. Hit me up in the comments below.



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