Be a Miracle Worker

There is nothing like watching a heartwarming movie with friends and family. Recently, I watched Miracles from Heaven, a incredible movie about a young girl (Anna Beam) who is miraculously healed from a rare digestive disorder after falling several feet inside a tree and hitting her head. GwendolynHR__1304

Although this movie is about this extraordinary miracle, it also conveys¬†that¬†miracles happen all the time and sometimes in ways that we¬†do not¬†expect.¬†Albert Einstein said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a¬†miracle. The other is as though everything is a¬†miracle.” ¬†Let’s consider an example from the movie.

At the airport several of the father’s¬†credit¬†cards are decline when attempting to pay their airfare. All of a sudden, the computer glitches. ¬†It is obvious that the airport attendant overheard Kevin Beam’s¬†conversation with his daughter about¬†not making it¬†in time to see Anna. ¬†He¬†decides to manually process their order and¬†told him an overdraft may be on his statement. The worker¬†knew that Kevin didn’t have the money on the card. ¬†Nonetheless, he stepped up to the plate and fixed it, so Kevin was able¬†to fly with¬†his other two daughters to¬†visit Anna¬†at the hospital.

It’s all in how you look at it. Although the mother (Christy¬†Beam) was floating on what seemed like mustard seed faith, for the most part, the father was holding steadfast. By the look on his face, you could tell (he knew) it would take a miracle for that last credit card to go through.

Throughout the movie¬†different people¬†made things happen for the Beam family at times when they really needed it most. In fact, it is obvious when¬†something greater compelled the worker¬†to act. They could have simply said¬†no or ignored the family. They didn’t have to go the extra mile to help.¬†You see, both inaction and action matter. At the end of the movie we learn just how much each worker cared by seeing their true actions. It was revealed that¬†the airport attendant actually caused the system glitch, for example. He decided to¬†“Be¬†a Miracle Worker” regardless of his¬†official title.

Now, think about your personal¬†experiences both on and off the job. I’m sure there are¬†times when¬†miraculous things happen that no one¬†could explain as well as other times¬†when someone¬†chose to be a miracle worker. As HR professionals, we should strive to do more and be more, regardless of our¬†title. We can¬†make a “meaningful” difference in people’s lives. It’s kinda like that t-shirt with¬†the phrase¬†“Human Resources Manager Because Freakin’ Miracle Worker Isn’t an Official Job Title.”¬† Yeah, some HR pros proudly wear it¬†and “think” that they perform miracles in their daily work.¬†However, others actually are miracle workers because of what they do, who they help, and¬†how¬†they serve. They get things done.

Over the years, HR has gotten a bad rap. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with a close friend about a¬†hot topic (restroom access for transgender employees) that has been all over the news. As we were talking, she told me that HR is like the po-po (police). ¬†I was taken aback a bit especially when she said, “I don’t want to see them or talk to them at all.” Really? I wonder how many other people feel this way about HR folk, I thought.¬†Further, some employees actually believe that HR is only there to serve the organization’s interest, not theirs. I beg to differ.

Many HR folk¬†enjoy making a meaningful difference in employees’ lives.¬†After all, the aim is to help the organization achieve its strategic business objectives through people. Some of us care not only about the end, but also the means in which we help our organization succeed. At the end of the day, isn’t it about leading people and leading organizations? You can’t have one without the other.

Thus, be¬†a “miracle worker” regardless of¬†your official job title. Have empathy for others. Do the right thing, even when no one asks and when no one is looking. Trust takes years to build and only seconds to destroy. After all, helping your company¬†succeed should not put a bad taste in its people’s¬†mouths.

I love to know your thoughts about the movie with regard to the workers that went above and beyond to help the Beam family. Hit me up in the comments below.




One thought on “Be a Miracle Worker

  1. “I believe in miracles, where you from – you sexy thang, sexy thang,.. You”.

    Oh wait, that’s an oldie goldie, even before my time by Chocolate Milk I think.

    Every day and moment – is a miracle.

    Time and Energy are the true miracles, for they alone encompass all things – all miracles.


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