A Performance Review for the Groundhog

Groundhogs Day

Performance Review: It’s Groundhogs Day! 

I am trying to recall why today is special. Oh… I remember now, Punxsutawney Phil will predict whether or not the United States will have an early spring (warm weather) or six more weeks of winter. I’m all for traditions. But seriously, if Phil worked for you, would you trust the groundhog’s prediction? According to the National Center for Environmental Information, his analysis has been off in recent years. Phil has been wrong 15 times and right 13 times, since 1988. Perhaps, it’s time to give our little fury friend an annual performance review. After all, Phil is the most famous groundhog in the world, so we ought to make certain that he carries his weight. Right?

A 360 performance review would be nice. However, due to time constraints among other factors, let’s just keep it simple. We will base his review solely on annual performance.

Doyle Rice with USA Today writes that in 2015 the US had a slightly below average February and a warmer than average March despite Phil seeing his shadow. Winter should have lasted another six weeks. Therefore, I give Punxsutawney Phil an average review. Actually, they gave him a mixed review which was based on weather data.

Only time will tell, if he gets it right this year. The groundhog did not see his shadow, so I am looking forward to an early spring. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. So tell me, how would you rate Phil? What kind of review would you give the little fury fellow?

Read more about his track record on US Today.
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