Super Bowl 50: You Gotta Do the Gratitude Dance?!

I will be the first to admit that I do enjoy being part of all the excitement. Super Bowl celebrations are always so exciting because of the football, food, funny commercials (I love a good belly laugh) and the halftime show. The musical performances from stellar entertainers are priceless (Beyonce, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars). At first, it really didn’t matter to me whether the Denver Broncos or South Carolina Panthers won. Both teams have talented players and really worked hard all season. They deserved to be there. It all boiled down to who wanted it more.

Make no mistakes about it, I was rooting for Cam Newton. And it’s not because I followed his successful football career. Actually, I came on board after all of the negativity about him in the media. That put him on my radar. He’s talented, at the top of his game, African American plus he is fine as wine🍷(easy on the eyes). The conversations about his antics made me want to know more about him. Who is this quarterback and why do they want him to conform when he is so amusing? So what… if he dances and celebrates when he’s winning. If your superstar employee acts like him, would she be received in the same manner on the job?

Why fit in when you can standout?  We like it when, You do You! So…. SHINE!

You Do You
Being in the spotlight is definitely not easy. Unfortunately, there is a hefty price that comes with the territory of being a star. Losing is hard. What’s more, “losing” with the whole world watching…. (I will let you fill in the blank). Yep, that’s even harder. It matters how you win as well as how you lose. That’s why I say, “keep on dancing!”  Cam Dance! Dance! Dance!  Then dance some more.  I bet you will feel much better after you do the “gratitude” dance.

Even though my team, the South Carolina Panthers, did not win the coveted Super Bowl 50 trophy, this has truly been a magnificent Super Bowl Sunday. One that I will always remember. Cam is still winning, because in this case we do remember #2 (the team that came in second). He’s had one exceptional football season. Not to mention, he did teach us how to dab (it’s a dance).

Be sure and check out Betty White doing the dab.

I love the “positive” energy that he brings to the game.  I know some may say a promise is a promise. However, if you don’t think you can win, no one else will. I rooting for you Cam, from The Rock. Just Keep it 💯!

Congrats to #Peyton Manning and the #DenverBroncos. What a way to go out, should you decide to retire! Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50: You Gotta Do the Gratitude Dance?!

  1. Everyone should do a Gratitude Dance – being grateful for all they have in life – the past, right now, and for what they think about most for the future.

    In fact, I do a Gratitude Dance several times a day. I know for a fact, being grateful opens doors where there were once walls.

    Do your dance – do it, do it, do it!!!


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