SNOW DAY: School Maybe Closed, But it’s Business as Usual

It’s a beautiful snowy morning🌨🌨🌨. As I sit and think to myself, I can’t help but get excited about the first official snow of 2016. Many are watching the early morning news waiting for the cancellations to come in hoping and praying that it’s an official snow day.

I bet right now someone is eagerly scrambling to find their company’s inclement weather policy. Don’t fret. That used to be me (in my late teens, early twenties). Nowadays, many companies have automated systems that notifies workers via phone, cellphone, and email about closings, shutdowns, and delays that impact business. Communication has really come along way. However, if you didn’t get the automated message…. just call.


And, if you don’t have to get out, stay at home. Make a snowman, watch a move, or get some much need R&R. For now, it’s time to warm up with another fresh cup of coffee ☕️. Until next time.

Just keep it 💯,


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