Did I just put my foot in my mouth?

I had this funny feeling after a recent impromptu phone interview. I applied for a human resources position with a well known multinational company and the head of the HR department immediately called the next day to see if I was seriously interested because it was not a local position. It was located roughly three hours from the Central Arkansas area. After answering this initial question, the HR manager asked if I had time for a brief phone interview or if I’d rather schedule it for later during the week. Well, without reservation, I said yes. Why not do it now? I wanted to find out more about the position to determine wether it’s really feasible. Besides, I have done a number of phone interviews, so it should be a breeze. I was confident that I would do fine.


As the interviewer began asking questions directly from their impression sheet, I knew that it was downhill from there. I suddenly had this gut feeling that working at this location wouldn’t not be a good fit. Although I was answering the questions, it just seemed as if the interviewer was not really trying to find a qualified candidate or fill the position. While they read the questions and typed my responses into the system, it seemed like they were just going through the motions. There was absolutely no enthusiasm talking about the company, HR department, or the job opportunity at all. This was rather disturbing, which made me wonder what it would actually be like working with them.

Interviews should be an engaging conversation. Overall, the interviewer’s message should convey that it’s a great place to work. After all, they’re representing the company. Sometimes it not what you say, but how you say it that matters. Expressing interest in this position, left me feeling like I put my foot in my mouth. You know… Serious applicants want to learn more about the company, the culture, as well as their potential new boss during the interview too. I sure did in this one.


Have you ever had an interview that left you feeling as if you might have put your foot in your mouth? Share your story with me in the comments.

Until next time… Let’s keep it 💯,


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