Get Up! I Don’t Wanna…


It doesn’t matter wether you are an early bird or a nocturnal owl, we all have those days when we would much rather stay in bed. Especially cold mornings like today, I find it hard to peel back the covers to get started. Even thinking about a fresh cup of coffee doesn’t do the trick. I just don’t wanna get up. I want to lay in my warm comfy bed at least until the temperature rises. I’ve been awake in bed since three o’clock this morning contemplating wether to start working out at four o’clock among so many other things that I really need to do today.

After the day gets going, finding time to workout is a challenge. There are too many interruptions. Sometimes I am too busy, too lazy, or I am simply too tired (when I wait until the evening). I used to exercise ridiculously before daybreak all the time, but it’s been rather difficult getting motivated the past couple of years. I fell off the wagon when I started waiting until the mid morning.

I used to be dedicated to fitness. I was that person that would walked rather than stand or sit on the couch while watching television. I enjoyed cardio as well as weight training. It never felt right, if I missed a workout. I don’t want to make unrealistic goals, so I am taking it one day at a time. For me, healthy living is more than just a goal on my to do list for the new year, it’s a life style. Therefore, it’s time to get up and get moving 🏋🏾⛹🏽🚴🏽🏌.

How do you stay motivated to workout? Simply reply in the comments below. Until next time.



Keep it 💯,

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