Raise the Minimum Wage?

The¬†federal mIMG_1778inimum wage for nonexempt employees has been stuck at $7.25¬†since July 26, 2009. Despite several states raising their¬†minimum wage, unfortunately, millions of low wage¬†workers in America¬†have been shortchanged¬†for many¬†years. ¬†Seriously, do the math for yourself…

Depending on what side of the tracks you come¬†from, you probably don’t have to read a CareerBuilder report to know¬†that two-third of minimum wage workers can’t make ends meet or that¬†50% of minimum wage workers¬†have to work more than one job.

Nowadays, many people who make more than the minimum wage not only have to work more than one job, but many have a side hustle or choose alternative living arrangements just to make do. Yes, low wage workers feel defeated and frustrated: tired of robbing Peter just to pay Paul.



According to an online survey conducted from May 11 to June 7, 2016 by¬†Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, “Only 5 percent of all employers believe the federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour) is fair.”¬†Roughly¬†2,100 full-time hiring and human resource managers as well as¬†3,200 full-time workers in the private sector across industries nationwide participated in the survey.


Sixty-four percent of employers believe minimum wage should be increased in their state, up from 62 percent in 2014.

Source: CareerBuilder


Arkansas raised the minimum wage in January to $8.00 and will eventually increase it to $8.50 on January 1,2017. While this is a move in the right direction, the majority of employers (67 percent) believe that it is still not enough. Based on the report, the majority feel $10 or more per hour is a fair minimum wage, which is up from 61 percent last year. Interestingly, 15 percent think $15 per hour or more is a fair minimum wage. Last year, only 11 percent felt that this would be fair.

Keep it 100!

Heres a breakdown of what minimum wage workers can look forward to being paid this year:

  • Less than $8:00 per hour:¬†11 percent
  • $8.00-$8.99 per hour:¬†23 percent
  • $9.00-$9.99 per hour:¬†14 percent
  • $10.00-$10.99 per hour:¬†21 percent
  • $11.00-$11.99 per hour:¬†7 percent
  • $12.00-$12.99 per hour:¬†8 percent
  • $13.00-$13.99 per hour:¬†6 percent
  • $14.00-$14.99 per hour:¬†5 percent
  • $15.00 or more per hour:¬†6 percent


I must “keep it 100” on this blog. To this end,¬†“Polls conducted since February 2013 when President Obama first called on Congress to increase the minimum wage have consistently shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans support an increase” (United States Department of Labor). If the majority of¬†employers (more than ever before) and Americans believe the¬†minimum wage should be raised, what’s the problem? ¬†Are¬†lawmakers holding the American people back?

Please comment, like, and share.¬†Oh BTW… check out the¬†Minimum Wage Mythbusters before you do.




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