Happy Bday, World Wide Web!

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on August 6, 1991? Junior high? High school? Maybe…. working. Perhaps you were learning about the World Wide Web.

On this day in August 1991, A British Computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, released files describing his idea for the World Wide Web. The WWW debuted as a publicly available service on the Internet. Furthermore, on August 23, 1991, the web was made available to everyone around the world. (Apparently, its actual birthday is debatable.)

Anyway…. Learn More: The World’s First Website Went Online 25 Years Ago or read this article.

falling in love


Fun Fact:

Although the world’s first website went online 25 years ago, I actually fell in love with the Internet after taking an Intro to the Internet class at Pulaski Technical College. In this course, I learned HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which is a markup language for describing web documents. At first, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Even though I was working full-time in accounting at a telecommunications company and going to school at night, learning to code in HTML was a breeze.

It seems like only yesterday that I designed my first online store for the major project in this class. It was an online wig shop. I called it, If You Can’t Achieve It, Weave It! I filled the store with lots of pictures of beautiful models wearing short, medium and long wigs. The theme was too clean with pink, black, and white colors.  It was beautiful. I was so proud of my first real website because it was my “own” little creation.

Increasingly, I honed my creative skills and abilities in an innovate way. You see, I used to like sketching (graphics and art). I was that kid who loved art class because it was fun. Yikes! Did I say that? Anyway, After I created my first website at Pulaski Technical College, I knew that I could put those skills to good use.   The newfound knowledge allowed me to hit the grown running in so many other areas in my life. Eventually, I started my own company creating websites for individuals and local businesses.

Funny as this may seem, the Internet has not only transformed my life as well as the way that I do business, but more importantly it has made all the difference in the way that I connect with others (friends, colleagues, clients, and family). That’s the power of the World Wide Web. Isn’t it fascinating?!

Most people consider me rather web-savvy. In fact, I call myself the creative tech-savvy HR professional. Therefore, it is with great pride that I shared a little fun fact about my background as we celebrate the World Wide Web’s 25th Birthday!

happy bday
Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!


If you found this post interesting, read Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web to learn more about the history.


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