Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

Wow…. I’ve been flying with WordPress.com for more than five years. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. A five-year anniversary blogging is a major achievement. I feel like celebrating as if it were an employee service anniversary or something. I know that may be considered doing the most, but that’s Okay. I just like finding new ways to have fun on the journey. Reflecting on this accomplishment, I thought, “A one-year anniversary is awesome. However, sticking around for five years -at the same place of employment- is almost unheard of today.”

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com

Blogging is an adventure like none other. It requires a serious amount of time, effort, and commitment. On this flight, I enjoyed exploring new topics, researching (fact finding) and sharing views on controversial issues. Even though it feels like a full-time job, at times, with little remuneration, it is worth it. Nonetheless, one must be willing and committed to do the work in order to reap intrinsic rewards such as the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

The first few year blogging on WordPress.com was rather challenging due to the pressures that come with being in an unfamiliar sky. Although I was registered with Word Press years ago, my first blog was self-hosted with limited posts. In short, I was too concerned with how I would be received. It took a couple of years to figure out which issues to talk about as well as figure out the puzzle. I also had to find my voice, as I did not want to come across too strong or push the wrong buttons. After all, blogging should be fun!

Congratulations on writing 50 post!

Since January 2016, I am proud to say I have published more than 50 posts. While blogging has limitless benefits, just having the freedom to express myself and taking control of my online identity are enough motivation to stay the course. I am so glad that I did not give into the pressures, as I may have missed one heck of a flight!



One thought on “Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

  1. I am in the middle of year 3 on my blog. I have been blogging daily since my first post even though sometimes I have skipped days due to school. My blog has grown a lot since that first post. I never thought I wanted to start a blog but after enough convincing by family and friends, I started my blog and I was hooked on the first post.

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