Are You Ready for the Republican National Convention?

It’s finally here. The Republican National Convention has arrived. With Trump in the mix, this GOP convention will most definitely be one for the history books, especially if it’s anything like that new joint campaign logo that was released via email. It seemed as if the Internet was LIT with funny memes and tweets about the design elements of the new Trump and Mike Pence logo.

From a design perspective, perhaps they should have just used the bottom half, which reads “Trump Pence, Make America Great Again” instead of including the icon with the letters T and P in place of the stars on the American flag. Yeah… just trying to make it work, because Twitter is having a field day with Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s new campaign logo.

Trump Pence Logo

Political Math tweeted, “As a designer, I’ve never seen a logo that so powerfully communicated subservience as the Trump/Pence logo. It’s hilarious & awful,” he wrote in another tweet.

Debbie Millman, host of the popular “Design Matter” podcast asserted, “Like everything else about the campaign of Donald Trump, it is a repugnant mess of missteps. The utterly thoughtless typography, the tangled mess of the ‘T/P’ (candidates as stars?!?) and the atrocious letter spacing of, well, every single letterform is an accurate indication of just how terrifying Trump’s communication skills really are.”

elephantWe could go on and on about how ridiculous the logo looks. Seriously, I’m all ears because Politics Matters.

Just in case you haven’t heard, the themes for each day of the convention are (Monday’s theme) Make America Safe Again, (Tuesday’s theme) Make America Work Again; (Wednesday’s theme) Make America First Again; and (Thursday’s theme) Make America One Again. With themes like this, the world should be glued to the TV.

As HR professionals, we must be informed and be certain that our voice is heard. Did you know the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) will represent the HR profession at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as well as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia?

Staff members of SHRM will share highlights from their guiding principles for a 21st Century Workplace, which communicates the importance of public-policy principles that create workplaces that are innovative, fair and competitive. They will meet with members of Congress and both presidential campaigns.

Although we all may not be able to attend the conventions with them, we should still care about what is going on. Let’s get ready to pull up a seat and enjoy the show. Here’s the link to the Full Schedule of the 2016 Republican National Convention.


The Schedule:


• July 18, 2016: 2016 Republican National Convention, Day 1
• July 19, 2016: 2016 Republican National Convention, Day 2
• July 20, 2016: 2016 Republican National Convention, Day 3
• July 21, 2016: 2016 Republican National Convention, Day 4






Are you watching and following the Republican National Convention? Who do you want to see? Will you watch the speech by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson on Tuesday? Do you like the new Trump Pence logo? Share your thoughts below.


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