Happy Leap Year

Happy Leap Year


It looks like we have an extra 24 hours this year, because 2016 is a Leap Year. February 29 (Leap Day) is a bit mysterious. Have you ever wonder why it happens?  The York Daily Record explains it in just 30 seconds in a video. And they kept it very simple.



More: A Few Facts about Leap Day

Since it’s also Bachelor’s Day – a traditional holiday when women propose to men in Ireland, don’t be surprised if someone plays a joke and ask you to marry them today. LOL!

Marry Me!

Anyway, just thinking about being born on that day makes me wonder – when to celebrate  birthdays especially since it only happens every four years. Wow! I actually have a Facebook friend celebrating a birthday today.

So tell me, how are you celebrating Leap Day? Do you plan on playing catch up at work?  Follow the link to find out 4 Ways to Win Leap Day at Work. If you are an HR pro, be sure to check out this article, Leap Day Could Bring Extra Pay Date for 2016.

Do you plan on getting so much need R&R at home with your extra 24 hours? Hit me up in the comments, let’s talk.

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