My Boss Wants to Know When I Gotta Go Potty!


Yeah... We have to let them know when we go potty too...
Water cooler talk that’s ridiculously funny.

The funniest thing was in my inbox  from the Evil HR Lady blog this week. The subject read, “My boss wants to manage my bathroom breaks.” As ridiculous as the subject sounds, I could not help, but to laugh out loud and then take a quick peak at it.

An anonymous writer wanted to know if his boss is breaking the law by requiring staff to report lunch and bathroom breaks. Who’d guess a new boss has “new” requirements of staff?! Tickle me pink, why don’t you…. An “exempt” employee believes his boss is on a “power trip” just because she wants to know the whereabouts of staff. Now, listen and please hear me when I say that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of underemployed and unemployed professionals that wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if they had to tell their boss when they “Gotta Go Potty.” It’s just this simple… I’ll be right back! I gotta go pee.

Be Right Back!

Seriously though, in this day and age, I would be more surprised if the boss didn’t know when employees go “pee pee” or even the color and smell of the pee pee. The fact that this “exempt” employee has never really given much thought as to when to use the bathroom or when to go to lunch (their words not mine), says it all. Just last week, were we not talking about Bill Gates’ weird business tactic of memorizing the license plates of Microsoft employees, so he could track when they arrived and left work? Obviously, his job doesn’t require someone to cover for him on break and at lunch. However, countless professionals (yeah exempts too) have to not only report their whereabouts, but also routinely sign in and out whenever they leave the office, their desk, station and so on.

Concurring with the Evil HR Lady, this requirement does seem stupid on the surface, but it’s probably well within the boundaries of the law. It may be intrusive and a tad much to deal with. Despite that, if linked to a business reason, pivot, accept it and move on. I wouldn’t play the detective in this matter. Besides your boss is new and you really don’t know her that well. If you did, wouldn’t you asked her instead of submitting the issue on a blog?

Anyway, there’s simply not enough information. We don’t have all the facts, as there are two sides to every story. Therefore, making assumptions could possible land someone on the you know what list at work with the new boss.

Using the toilet
I promise, I’m not avoiding work.

Tread lightly. What if the “new” boss is not the one that’s actually power hungry? Could it be upper management? What if employees are using breaks and lunches to get out of doing their work or meetings? For example, i know a worker that stays in the bathroom on the toilet for hours reading the paper just to get out of going to meetings. Believe it or not, it happens. %hit happens. Life happens. Until next time…

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