Where’s My Valentines?!

TGIF Have a Good Weekend 
Many workers will be running out of the office this weekend. You know why? Valentine’s Day is Sunday. This is one of the most celebrated holidays and personally it’s one of my favorites.

I’m sure there will still be lots office deliveries filled with boxed chocolate, balloons, stuffed animals, and expensive jewelry from significant others and the secret office admirer (Mr. or Ms Incognito). While all the celebrating is good for some, for many employees it sets them on an emotional roller coaster. Emotions run the gamut for many workers who are single, lonely, and missing a significant other, for example, during this time of year.

Now you know… all of those flowers, cards, and candy can make even the best employee feel some kind of way or even jealous when they don’t get anything or if they think someone received something better (She got more than me.). Therefore, be mindful in your giving. If you’re handing out candy, cards, toys, flowers, or trinkets to your subordinates, peers, or coworkers while on the job, for example, spread the love and try to give similar items to each of them. By the way, here’s a piece of chocolate from my heart to all of yours!

Happy Valentine's Day
Everyone Gets the Same Piece of Chocolate



Flashback From the Past

In elementary school, staying up late to prepare cards for our Valentine’s Day party was a carefully planned activity. I always took my time sorting through the cards making sure the “right” card went to the “right” person. Those were the days, when a girl could discreetly find out if a boy really liked them. So, I was very creative with the cards. I gave little subtle hints only to the cuties, even some of them that were not in my class.

How many of you used to do this too? Come on let’s be honest. Admit it!  Better yet, do you know anyone that used to do this? Anyway, this type of behavior on the job could really get out of hand. It could potentially land employees in a heap of trouble when unwelcome. Some workers do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. What’s more, some employees may feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, even harassed, or humiliated. So, again, please be careful.

Much Love


On a final note, it’s nice when someone surprises you with gifts at the office. However, there is nothing like receiving them at home and celebrating away from work. With that regard, how do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day? Did you receive anything or give something to a colleague, boss, subordinate, etc. at work for Valentine’s Day? Please, comment, like, and share!

Now… Where’s My Valentines?!

Until next time… Keep it 💯



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