A “New” Year… a Great Start


Can you believe it, more than half of the first month of the new year is gone? As I reflect on my accomplishments for 2015, I am left feeling as if I wish I could have done so much more. I restarted the journey towards completing the Professional in Human Resources exam, but decide to wait due to lack of discretionary funds, for example. Not to mention, I have plenty of other things that would have been nice to accomplish last year such as earning additional technical certifications to compliment my credentials (I must continuously sharpen the saw), blogging more frequently, getting fit, or a new HR gig. Nonetheless, all is not lost. Perhaps, I will discover something new this year to help catapult my HR career.

GwendolynHR_IMG_0849I have been unemployed since August of 2013. Yes, I know that’s almost three years. Unfortunately, one never knows where a road will lead especially in the midst of a career change. After I completed graduate school in 2011, I figured with the extra knot on my belt, securing the “right” professional position in human resources would come much sooner. It amazes me even after completing my last assignment as an HR generalist for a fortune 200, the comeback is still quite challenging. One never knows how things will turnout, so I try to see good despite the situation. At times, that can be very difficult, especially when some people think that what happens to you is a direct result of your own thinking. This is one of those things that irks me. I will leave that discussion for another post.

One thing that you will learn about me from reading my blog is that I keep it 💯. I don’t tend to buy into the latest theories, philosophies, dogma, buzz words, and so on. Most of us are on a “obscured” journey. And some of us are very fortunate to know more about their journey than others. On this path, I set out to accomplish much, failed a few times then started all over again, but I survived. It’s not over yet. I have unwavering faith. This year I plan to work on practical S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-oriented goals). Besides, I have eleven months and a halve to achieve them.

I hope your “New Year” is off to a great start.  Until next time…

Just Keeping it 💯,

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