How To Keep It 💯 In HR

What it Is

If you ask a hundred different people from diverse cultural backgrounds what it means to Keep It 💯, you’re bound to get similar responses for the most part. However, when the slang hits mainstream of American culture it’s can be misconstrued. Therefore, it behooves Gwendolyn HR to clarify exactly what Keeping It 100 with HR is.

No matter how one explains it, “Keeping It 100” centers on being honest, truthful, and genuine.  That’s simply being real with folks. According to the Urban Dictionary Keeping It 100 means…

  1. To keep yourself real and true
  2. To be honest and stick to the way you are, no matter what any one else thinks
  3. To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  4. To keep it real or be honest with yourself as well as others
  5. To keep it pure

Let’s break the slang down a little further. Well as far as I’m concerned, possessing the right character, quality, and not being counterfeit (must be authentic) is keeping it real. Do you have a moral compass? What do you value? And, are you genuine with me?

In the HR world, “Keeping It 100” is of the utmost importance. People want to know (or feel like) they can trust you. Employees want HR pros to be “real” with them.  Both employers and employees alike want to “trust” that they can depend on HR to do the “right” thing. When HR does not, its value diminishes.


Take for example, the Wyman-Gordon incident that was recently in the news. Allegedly, three of Wyman-Gordon’s HR employees “secretly” videotaped former employee, Mark Ferguson, sleeping on the job because they wanted to terminate him. Although the HR pros had master degrees in HR as well as five years of HR experience working at the company, they failed to do the right thing. Simply put, they broke the law as the post, When Keeping It Real, Goes Wrong in HR, clearly conveys on The Tim Sackett Project blog. Tim writes,

“These are felony charges. You can’t just go, “Oops, we didn’t really understand videotaping a crappy employee sleeping on the job was against the law. Our bad!”

“Having to go to jail because you suspected an employee sleeping on the job, set up a camera to catch this behavior, and then actually catching the behavior, seems like it should work in the favor of these HR guys. But, it won’t.”

“So, what should these three HR guys have done? Just fire the employee!”


Believe it or not, this actually happens. Can you imagine finding a hidden camera in your workspace? Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Consider what the other employees think about the HR team after learning that their HR pros were recorded talking on the camera when they hid it. Do you think the employees trust them now? Would you? Did they keep it real with their people? With that regard. Here are some practical ways for us, HR pros, to keep it real with “human” resources.

How to Keep it 100 in HR

  • Be honest, that’s Keeping It Real
  • Be the best at what “you” do, that’s Keeping It Real
  • Be an HR pro of integrity, that’s Keeping It Real
  • Be a “brand” that people can trust, that’s Keeping It Real
  • Be true to self and the people you serve and care about, that’s Keeping It Real
  • Be unapologetic but respectful at the same time, now that’s really Keepin It 100

Oh by the way, there are other ways of saying Keeping it 100 too. Sometimes people say keeping it one “hunnit,” as an alternative, so don’t get it twisted, for example. It all means the same thing. Can you think of any other ways that HR or HR pros can keep it real? How do you keep it real? Please comment, like, share.


When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Take a look at this video from comedian Dave Chappelle about when Keeping It Real Goes Wrong. It’s seriously funny.

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